Simplifying Real Estate Investing


Initial Consultation

This conversation allows us to get to know you and understand your buying criteria. We'll ask you a series of questions to clearly grasp your property preferences and investment objectives. Our agents will also go over our purchasing terms and procedures.


Investor Account

Your account will be set up within minutes of your initial call, and you'll receive a welcome email shortly thereafter. Please inform your agent if you're interested in investing in other markets or different types of properties, so we can tailor your account accordingly.


Start Your Search

As deals become available that fit your criteria, your designated agent will reach out to you. Properties are made available throughout the week during regular business hours. You will also receive our automatic property email alerts.


Secure the Deal

Just let your agent know the name or entity you wish to take title under, and we will create and send over the purchase agreement. Additionally, your agent will supply you with the necessary wiring instructions for the escrow deposit.


Close & Repeat

We streamline the process to close your deal swiftly and set you up for the next one. As you complete more transactions, you'll gain access to unique benefits reserved for our repeat clients.

Recently Sold

Explore a selection of our recent, exclusive properties that our investors have successfully acquired.

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