Real Estate Investing should be simple.

At Palladium Investments, we specialize in offering real estate investors exclusive access to a curated selection of off-market properties across Florida. Whether you're flipping homes or building a rental portfolio, our team is here to support your vision. We aim to empower you to achieve your investment goals by eliminating the hassle and stress in property acquisition. Our dedicated team of licensed real estate professionals work around the clock to ensure your investment journey with us is seamless and successful. Let us help you take your real estate business to the next level.


What makes us different?

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Focus On Acquisitions

It all begins with securing the right properties. Our acquisition experts are extensively trained and possess profound market insights and expertise in deal analysis.

Personalized Sales Experience

In an era dominated by automation, we place a high value on the human element. A dedicated Sales Associate will be assigned to you, offering personalized assistance throughout your journey.

Buy Directly From The Source

At Palladium Investments, we aim to make real estate investing straightforward by offering our clients direct access to purchase from the source.

First Come, First Serve Policy

We are committed to fairness and equality for all our clients. The property goes to the first real estate Investor who signs the contract and submits escrow. No bidding wars or highest and best waiting periods.

About us

As seasoned real estate investors, we know firsthand the challenges and frustrations of acquiring good deals. Our vision is to revolutionize the industry by creating a company that simplifies the property acquisition process and empowers investors with the essential tools and resources for unparalleled success.

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Founded in 2013
1500 Closed Transactions
Florida Focused

Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities

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Reliable Company

Our consistent track record of acquiring only the best properties has solidified us as Florida's leading and most reliable source for off-market real estate deals.

Cater to All Strategies

Whether you are looking to supplement your fix-and-flip business or build a rental portfolio, our team has you covered. Our marketing approach focuses on acquiring a wide range of properties to serve all Investors.

Exclusive Off-Market Deals

We simplify the acquisition process by providing direct access to exclusive deals you won't find anywhere else. Our properties are only made available to our clients.

No Hidden Fees

There are no fees to create an account or access our properties.

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Recently Sold

Explore a selection of our recent, exclusive properties that our investors have successfully acquired.

Driven by Data,
Technology, and Expert

Almost all of our properties will include an inspection report that outlines the necessary renovations and features of the property.

Actual Deals

Accurate Data

Professionally Inspected

Professionally Inspected

Almost all of our properties will include an inspection report that outlines the necessary renovations and features of the property.

Accurate Data

Each of our properties is subjected to a rigorous three-step underwriting process, guaranteeing that we only promote opportunities with significant equity.

Actual Deals

Our precision in calculating key metrics. such as After Repair Value (ARV) is reinforced by over 13 years of industry experience and comprehensive data analysis.

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